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History- Mendoza Ventures has been set up to provide independent consultancy services for the discerning client, who has perhaps never used consultants before due to prohibitive costs, or to the seasoned professional who has become disillusioned with the 'real' and 'sustainable' value of using expensive top tier consultancy firms.

Mendoza Ventures offers affordable and practical management expertise, specialising in business strategy and strategic sourcing.

Philosophy -  Competence Management.........yes it's really that simple, but do you have the right competencies for achieving your business goals?

Our Competencies - Mendoza Ventures recognises that our own success is dependent on listening and delivering to our clients demands. That is why we offer flexible business solutions in a number of key strategic and operational competence areas.

Mendoza Ventures - Competence Matrix
Business StrategyStrategic Sourcing / PurchasingProject ManagementInterim ManagementOutsourcingContract Management
Rationalising Supplier BaseSupply Chain ManagementSupplier Performance ManagementRelationship + Partner ManagementKPIs + ToolingLean Manufacturing Principles

How to use us - Consultants can be many things to many people. Here are some examples of how the Mendoza Ventures' resources can be deployed to help you and your business needs;

1.   As an additional resource to perform immediate job requirements i.e. interim or project management, normally related to specific desired skill sets such as business development, new product introductions or supplier selections and cost reduction programmes. 

2.   As an agent of change i.e. facilitating existing resources in their 'As Is' to their 'To Be' requirements and processes, synonymous with IT system implementations such as ERP projects or software upgrades.

3.   As third party catalysts or buffers for middle management to challenge the senior management decision making processes and business strategies e.g. devils advocate.

4.   Perform training workshops and seminars relating to current market trends in specific industries and working practices. 

5.   Undertake feasibility studies, industry research and company accreditation initiatives. 

6.   Prepare business proposals with recommendations as well as strategy plans. 


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If you would like more information about Mendoza Ventures and the services we provide, please contact;

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